Shopify's free themes (Dawn, Craft, Crave, Sense, Taste, Studio, Ride, Colorblock and Refresh) are clean, fast-loading and versatile choices for your online store. But they're also kind of basic.

To make your store truly unique, you need more layout options, more sections to choose from and more flexible section settings.

So what if a free theme isn't enough?

Without Theme Extensions, you have three options.

  • Buy a premium theme

    Good premium themes offer many features, but they are also rather pricey. If you're just looking for one or two specific features, a premium theme will be overkill and you'll be paying for features you might not need.

  • Install an app (or two or three)

    Apps don't always integrate well with a theme and often only have limited options for customization. They can also slow a theme down and typically charge a recurring monthly fee, which adds up over time.

  • Hire a developer

    Experienced Shopify developers are in high demand and typically charge upwards of $70 USD per hour. And working with them has many potential pitfalls and you might not get the results you're expecting.

Enjoy Premium Features Without Paying a Premium Price.

Theme Extensions are designed to let you customize your store without all the downsides of premium themes, apps and hiring expert help.

  • Just the features you really need

    Forget about shelling out hundreds of dollars for a premium theme that offers way more features and configuration options than you really need.

    Each Theme Extension is designed to do one thing and do that thing well while giving you full control over the design of your store. That way you get just the features you need for a fraction of the price of a premium theme.

  • Seamless integration, no recurring fees

    Forget about paying a monthly fee for one or more apps that slow down your store and that don't fit in with your theme's design.

    Theme Extensions are one-time purchases designed specifically to integrate seamlessly into a theme's design. They're also stored directly alongside your theme's files and served by Shopify's CDN, so they don't slow down your store.

  • No developer necessary

    Forget about finding professional web developers and dealing with the complexities, uncertainties and costs of theme customizations.

    Theme Extensions let you add standardized, optimized and tested components to your store without any technical knowledge and at a fraction of the cost.